Application of Lightweighting Technol. to Mil. Vehicles,

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In these cases, the risk/reward balance favored early adoption of emerging materials technology, which encompasses new materials, manufacturing processes, and modeling. The report also reviewed some successes in military adoption that were achieved when strong champions shepherded the acquisition process. The report identified the attributes of successful integrated development teams as: (a) a “viral”33 development process featuring rapid iteration aided by modeling and broad communication, (b) design to high-level functional (performance) requirements rather than detailed specifications, and (c) effective and flexible team building.

The opportunities in the short and medium term included highstrength and stainless steels for truck frames; magnesium extrusions, superplastically formed aluminum, ultrahigh carbon steels, advanced aluminum alloys, and polymer-matrix composites for secondary structural elements; and aluminum and magnesium alloys as well as metal- and polymer-matrix composites for drive train components. The key material class featured for longer-term development was titanium (for armor plate and springs). Second, the study highlighted the need to develop databases of the properties of these materials and to develop models for their processing and for predicting the performance of the resulting components.

Load-bearing), and (2) microscopic ornanoscopic, in which multiple physical phenomena are produced through molecular design or architectural texture. The concept of multifunctionality encompasses many classes of materials and applications: Structural materials may be self-interrogating or self-healing, provide stealth, or protect against enemy fire; microscopic materials or systems may combine sensing, moving, analyzing, communicating, and acting. The concept of multifunctional materials applies to all the major classifications of materials (polymers, metals, ceramics), but by its very nature it is most prevalent in composites of these materials.

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