Answers to Non Muslims Common Questions about Islam by Dr.Zakir Naik

By Dr.Zakir Naik

Why is a guy al lowed to have a couple of wi fe in Islam? i .e. why is
polygamy allowed in Islam?If a guy is permitted to have a couple of spouse, then why does Islam restrict a lady from having multiple husband?Why does Islam degrade girls via retaining them in the back of the veil?How can Islam be known as the faith of peace whilst it used to be unfold via the sword?Why are lots of the Muslims fundamentalists and terrorists?Ki l l ing an animal is a ruthless act . Why then do Musl ims devour nonvegetarian food?Why do Muslims slaughter the animal in a ruthless demeanour by way of torturing it and slowly and painfully killing it?Science let us know that no matter what one eats, it has an impression on one’s behaviour. Why then, does Islam let Muslims to consume non-vegetarian nutrition, considering that consuming of animals can make somebody violent and ferocious?When Islam is opposed to idol worship why do the Muslims worship, and bow down
to the Kaaba of their prayer?Why are non-Muslims no longer allowed within the Holy towns of Makkah and Madinah?Why is the intake of alcohol prohibited in Islam?Under Islamic legislations, why is a woman’s proportion of the inherited wealth merely part that of a man?How are you able to end up that the Qur'an is the note of God?When the entire Muslim keep on with one and an analogous Qur’an then why are there so
many sects and varied colleges of concepts between Muslims?All religions essentially train fans to do stable deeds. Why may still a person
only persist with Islam? Can he no longer persist with any of the religions?If Islam is the simplest faith, why are a number of the Muslims cheating, unreliable,
and interested in actions equivalent to dishonest, bribing, dealing in medicinal drugs, etc.?Why do Muslims abuse non-Muslims via calling them Kafirs? learn the logical answers......

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Chopping off the hands as punishment for robbery Islam prescribes chopping off the hands of the convicted robber. ” [ Al-Qur’an 5:38] The non-Muslim may say, “Chopping off the hands in this 20th century. ” d. Results achieved when Islamic Shariah Implemented America is supposed to be one of the most advanced countries in the world. Unfortunately it also has one of the highest rates of crime, theft, and robbery. e. 5% of his savings in charity above 85 grams of gold every lunar year), and every convicted robber has his or her hands chopped off as a punishment.

If the deceased is a woman who has left no children, brothers or sisters and is survived only by her husband, mother and father, the husband inherits half the property while the mother inherits one third and the father the remaining one sixth. In this particular case, the mother inherits a share that is double that of the father. 4. Female usually inherits half the share of that of the male counter part It is true that as a general rule, in most cases, the female inherits a share that is half that of the male.

Net ANSWER TO NON-MUSLIMS’ COMMON QUESTIONS ABOUT ISLAM Authored by: Dr. Zakir Abdul Karim Naik 1. No logical reason for robbing being an evil act Hence all arguments that attempt to prove that robbing is an evil act are futile. These arguments may satisfy a common man but not a powerful and influential criminal like me. None of the arguments can be defended on the strength of reason and logic. It is no surprise that there are so many criminals in this world. Similarly raping, cheating etc. can be justified as good for a person like me and there is no logical argument that can convince me that these things are bad.

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