Annals of the Witch World by Andre Norton

By Andre Norton


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He tugged at this impatiently as he walked forward, freeing his face from its half veiling. And Simon saw that he had not been so wrong in his first guess after all. The hawk-helmed warrior was young. Young, yes, but also tough. His attention was divided between the woman and Simon, and he asked her a question as he surveyed Tregarth measuringly. She answered with a rush of words, her hand sketching some sign in the air between Simon and the warrior. Seeing that, the newcomer touched his helm in what was clearly a salute to the outlander.

But it was with the representation of a bird, wings outstretched. the woman who commanded the situation. " He waited quickly. He jerked his for her to name herself. But she only repeated what he had said. "Tregarth, Simon Tregarth," as if to set the syllables deep in her mind. When she did not answer otherwise he made his own demand. " he pointed straight at her. The warrior Koris started, his hand going to the sidearm at his belt. And the woman frowned, before her expression became so remote and cold that Simon knew he had blundered badly.

Neither Koris nor the witch had a ready answer for mon's first sight of the trading port, Seamen though hours later, was in a that. manner Only Si- reassur- were also had selected as an asset in the erection of the keep. From the land side it was mainly wall with watch towers and firing slits in plenty. And it was only when Magnis Osberic escorted them within that they saw the full strength of the place. Two arms of rock curved out to the sea a crab's open claws and between them was the harbor.

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