Analytical Ultracentrifugation VI by W. Mächtle, M. D. Lechner (auth.), W. Borchard, A.

By W. Mächtle, M. D. Lechner (auth.), W. Borchard, A. Straatmann (eds.)

This quantity comprises 20 contributions of the twelfth assembly on Analytical Ultracentrifugation from March 1-2, 2001 in Duisburg, Germany. a variety of fields of ultracentrifugation are coated bearing on study difficulties in biochemistry, biophysical chemistry and macromolecular chemistry in addition to interacting platforms. New investigations in regards to the sedimentation concept are provided. The section transition of gels is handled, as is the sedimentation-diffusion equilibrium of gels. One part comprises the hydrodynamics of biopolymers.

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23 Application to the experimental data We apply the method to the experimental data obtained for FP in solution in o-DCB and represented in Fig. 3. The values of X02 and x20 are plotted in Fig. 6 against time as obtained from curves 4–6 in Fig. 3. The experimental points are well approximated by a linear function, and, within experimental error, the slope of curve 2 is three times that of curve 1. This is in accord with Eqs. (2) and (3). 3 · 10)7 cm2/s for the A parameter. This value is available if D1 is correlated with D2.

Directly following the desolvation step, 235 ll 8% aqueous glutardialdehyde solution was added to achieve HSA cross-linking. After stirring for 24 h, the resulting nanoparticles were purified by five cycles of centrifugation (20,000g, 8 min) and redispersion of the pellet in water to the original volume by ultrasonication in a bath-type sonicator. All the preparations were performed at room temperature. 0-ll aliquot of the nanoparticle suspension was transferred to aluminium boats (Lu¨di, Flawil, Switzerland) and dried for 4 h at 100 °C; the mass of the particle residue was determined using a Supermicro balance (Sartorius, Go¨ttingen, Germany).

A Experimental A(r) data collected at 345 nm (circles), fitted curve assuming the presence of monomers and dimers of the compound (—), and calculated local contributions of monomers (- - -) and dimers (ÆÆÆÆÆÆ). B Local differences DA(r) between experimental and fitted data. Solvent: acetonitrile. 2 g/l association of the compound was accompanied by changes in the UV–vis spectra and even in the colour of the solution, indicating that oligomer formation most probably involves stacking of the pyrene constituent of the solute molecules.

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