An Introduction to the Chemistry of Complex Compounds by Aleksander Abramovich Grinberg

By Aleksander Abramovich Grinberg

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Diacidotetrammine compounds In the two preceding sections, the properties of the hexammine and the acidopentammine compounds were discussed. It is also necessary to discuss the properties of the compounds of the diacidotetrammine type before a critical approach can be made to the theoretical concepts relating to complex com­ pounds. In describing these concepts, it is necessary to give a great deal of attention to the foundation of the co-ordination theory and to the conclusions which are derived from it.

The Editors] COMPOUNDS OF THE HEXA, PENTA, AND TETRAMMINE TYPE 21 concentrations. I n t h e case of p l a t i n u m or p l a t i n u m complexes, where t h e N 0 2 adds t o t h e central ion more s t a b l y t h a n the N O j or Cl~, t h e reaction of equi­ valent a m o u n t s will lead t o an equilibrium which strongly favors t h e complexion containing t h e n i t r o group. * This even makes it possible t o replace a group which has a greater t e n d e n c y t o w a r d complex formation b y one which has a lesser tendency.

3) The action of sodium nitrite on t h e praseo chloride, [Co(NH 3 ) 4 Cl 2 ]Cl, in an acetic acid solution. 32 CHEMISTRY OF COMPLEX COMPOUNDS Thus the action of N a N 0 2 on t h e c a r b o n a t o t e t r a m m i n e [Co(NH 3 ) 4 C0 3 ]N0 3 yields the flaveo salt having the composition [Co(NH 3 ) 4 (N0 2 ) 2 ]N0 3 and t h e action of N a N 0 2 on [Co(NH 3 ) 5 N0 2 ](N0 3 ) 2 yields its isomer, t h e croceo salt. I n this manner, t h e phenomenon of isomerism, of such importance in t h e development of co-ordination theory, was first encountered for compounds of t h e dinitrotetrammine series.

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