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2. If the bar of a seesaw having a uniform density and cross section is placed on a fulcrum (or pivot) for support such that the fulcrum is exactly half way along the length of the seesaw, the weight of the seesaw will act vertically downwards through the fulcrum. In this case at any specified distance from the fulcrum, the turning moment (that is the downward force imposed at that point) will be equal on both sides of the fulcrum. The seesaw is said to be in equilibrium or to be balanced, and will therefore rest in a horizontal position.

Total Fuel On-Board at Take-Off 50,000 kg. Reserve Fuel 6,000 kg. Sector Distance 1,250 nm. TAS 300 kt. Wind Component -50 kt. /hr. Calculate: Chapter 2 Page 8 (a) The maximum Payload that can be carried. (b) The Maximum Range with the Payload. (c) What Payload can be carried over the Maximum Range of the aircraft. © G LONGHURST 1999 All Rights Reserved Worldwide The Calculation of Aircraft Weight SOLUTION Calculate the Sector Fuel: Sector Distance 1250 Sector Fuel = ------------------------------------- × Fuel Flow = ------------ × 6000 = 30000 kg Ground speed 250 If the aircraft had a total of 50,000 kg.

Page 3-1. The CG is the point on the longitudinal axis through which all of the weight acts vertically downward. Chapter 3 Page 23 © G LONGHURST 1999 All Rights Reserved Worldwide Weight and Balance Theory ANSWER 13. Page 2-3 Example 2-5 MTOW MLW MZFW + 52000 kgs + 46000 kgs + 43000 kgs DOW - 30,000 kgs - 30,000 kgs - 30,000 kgs Fuel - 10,000 kgs - 5,000 kgs –– Traffic Load + 12000 kgs + 11000 kgs +13,000 kgs Maximum Traffic Load = 11,000 kgs ANSWER 14. Page 1-4. No ANSWER 15. Page 3-4 Paragraph 14.

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