Air-ground teamwork on the Western Front: the role of the by United States Army Air Forces.

By United States Army Air Forces.

An international struggle army background.

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Operationsunder 3,500 feet were found to be impractical for fighter-bombers because of the damage inflicted by the intense light flak encountered over concentrations of enemy troops. The P-5i was much more susceptible to serious damage by light flak than the P- 4 7 , because of the former's liquid-cooled engine and its somewhat lighter construction. -For dive bombing, XIX TAC operations required a 5,ooo-foot ceiling with broken cloud. For armed reconnaissance the minimum was 3,500 feet with broken cloud.

In antishipping operations off Brest, 2 naval vessels were claimed as destroyed, and 3 naval and 9 merchant vessels damaged. Four P-5i's flew artillery-adjustment sorties for corps artillery at Brest, noting many hits on enemy gun positions and shipping. Reconnaissance sorties totaled 64. 26 August After his heavy air losses of the previous day, the enemy avoided combat with our fighters, and the day's cash register rang up only 2 enemy aircraft destroyed and i damaged, all 3 on the ground. Our groups on armed reconnaissance, patrols, and armored-column cooperation flew 528 sorties.

However, this channel proved to be badly overcrowded, and early communication difficulties were overcome by assigning frequencies as follows: Button A-group frequency and homing; Button Bair-ground communication with VIII and XII Corps; Button C46 •. v ,~ :.... v . , , \ •:::::::::::.. v..... .. . v.. • •i ......... v..... - ... ,,.... ,.. " ... it .. .. ,- ..... . • • . v" .. =" -~~~~~ •. •.... ,. • ,.. , ..... o - .. v... ......... v~ .. '.. v.... . , vv•-....... v. I-~ ~~~~. ... v ...

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