Advances in telemedicine : technologies, enabling factors by G. Graschow

By G. Graschow

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2. E-Health and Emergency Services applications interconnection The healthcare industry includes many services, emergency services are among them. During emergency situations communication channels may suffer congestion, errors, call dropping and data loss. In contrary to commercial mobile networks the mobile network technologies for the emergency e-Health services have to be able to provide better connectivity due to sensitivity of the medical applications to data loss, corruption or delay and are expected to provide vital aid for patients.

G. the data links planning office) using the dedicated and contention access schemes to terminals within the network, thereby allowing current operations to continue with the minimum of impact. ‘Cross-over’ nodes will share a pool of timeslots which they will distribute according to the timeslot reallocation scheme. If the ‘cross-over’ nodes require more bandwidth than the pool is capable of supplying then they will have to negotiate with the network management system for dedicated allocation from the rest of the pool.

Receive only units HIDL allows for portable units to be used in receive only mode, which means that they are capable of receiving all of the messages communicated throughout the network but unable to respond. In an operational environment it is envisaged that there will be multiple ground units with these receive only terminals. This therefore means that when these ground terminals are networked to other networks as part of a larger system there will be more ways of communicating in one direction than the other.

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