Abhisamayālankāra: Introduction and Translation from by Edward Conze (editor and translator)

By Edward Conze (editor and translator)

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The medium Aids to emancipation. a 8 a) (In its next section the Sutra) recommends the ys in which those who arc on the stage of Heat make beinga into an object (of thcir thoughts): their thoughts described (first of all) as even (friendly, well-disposed, e from aversion, free from harm; and then) as tenfold all beings as if they were one's her, father, brother, sister, son, daughter, friend, rcla, kinsman or nlatcrnal relative). , and also oins those (practices) on others, proclaims their praises them), and makcs rhem conform (to illen~).

15. The growth (in perfect wisdom) implies the acqui tion of all the acoompSihments, (those of a Disciple well as those of a Buddha). P 427 b 6. A 431. 16. By its very nature it consists in being near to fu enlightenment. P 428 a 9. A 433. V , 3. Finn position. v. 3. The firm position (corresponding to the degree of Pa tience) is so called (because one has gained 1. a firm tion in) the supreme fuEllement of the dharmas (ch teristic) of the three kinds of omniscience, (and 2. a position with regard to) the non-abandonment of t welfare of beings.

5 . (In its essential nature the meditational develo ment is) hard to do (since i t aims a t leading all beings Nirvana without establishing any connection with t skandhas, or any dharma whatsoever). 6. It is devoted to one aim only (since the Bodhisattva cannot possibly fall on the hinayanistic level), 7. and (does not depart from) the program (which is the achievement of Buddhahood). 8. (Further the own-being of this meditational d lopment is marked by the fact that) it offers no basis (for the apprehension of anything that should be developed of anyone who does the developing, or of the develop ment itself), [621 9.

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