Abhisamayalamkara with Vrtti and Aloka by Vimuktisena, Haribhadra, Gareth Sparham

By Vimuktisena, Haribhadra, Gareth Sparham

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Poems Mao Tse Tung

Those poems have been written through Mao Tse-Tung over a interval of 40 years - from his days as an idealistic scholar till his later years ready of awesoe strength. a few have been composed within the shadow of army defeat and private loss. a few emerge from the bleak mest days of the lengthy March. Poems are translated to English and the booklet contains a lot old history.

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For it is the nature of things. He is saying that it is fitting that they bring them to mind. The [second] quality is that Buddhas bring them to mind and give them knowledge. put and so on this Perfection of Wisdom. Buddhas] bring Dharma-preachers to mind and assist them in order to teach that Mara gains no entrance to them, because they have produced unshakeable belief and have no doubts. The quality of Buddhas placing them into their sight is where [Sariputra] says [that at that time Buddhas] know [Bodhisattvas] with their cognition and see them with their fleshly eye.

Because they are not apprehended. 12 [Seventh], the purity eightfold noble path is the path that brings a definite escape. The path aspects, [where Subhuti says, It is a perfectio n of the path] are, [as the Lord says], o n account of the nonapprehension of the eight-fold noble path, Subhuti. It [brings definite escape] because it goes forth (nirydna) to the purity of the cankers that meditation has to destroy. Thus they explain thirty-seven aspects governed by the path to all-knowledge based on the path that makes an investigation of bases (four aspects), path of resolve (four), path that is the groundwork of meditative stabilization (four), path of preparation for clear realization (five), path that connects with clear realization (four), clear realization path (seven), and path that brings a definite escape into purity (eight), respectively.

Condition is the view of the true body (sat-kaya-drsti) that settles down on beings [as real] because that is the con­ dition for every disappointment. About wThat counteracts it they say the no living being is found aspect is because no being can be apprehended. So, from the "turned awray from greed" aspect up to "no living being is found" aspect they say there are eight aspects based on the truth of origination: three causes (desire-to-do, greed, and [craving] that delights [in experi­ ence]), three originations (greed, hatred, and delusion), one production ([false] imagination) and one condition (settling down on beings [as real]), respectively.

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