A simplified introduction to LaTeX by Greenberg H.J.

By Greenberg H.J.

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A, B, C, D, . . 1, 2, 3, 4, . . i, ii, iii, iv, . . I, II, III, IV, . . What you write \alph{mycounter} \Alph{mycounter} \arabic{mycounter} \roman{mycounter} \Roman{mycounter} Counter values can be incremented with the \addtocounter command. For example, \addtocounter{mycounter}{1} adds 1 to the value of mycounter. If we just want to increment the counter by 1, we can specify \stepcounter{mycounter}. Counter values can be set to some absolute value with the \setcounter command. For example, \setcounter{mycounter}{5} sets the value of mycounter to 5.

4 Defining Your Own In the preamble you can define your own counter with the \newcounter command: \newcounter{name}[within] where name is the (unique) name of the counter (cannot be the same as one of the intrinsic counter names). The initial value of the counter is 0. For example, \newcounter{mycounter} defines a counter whose name is mycounter. You can also define the counter to be within another counter. For example, \newcounter{mycounter}[section] defines mycounter to be within the section counter.

If we have the same label in both bib files, the entries must be identical; otherwise, we will get a fatal error message, Repeated entry– telling us which label is repeated. If we have the same entry with different labels, they will appear twice if both labels are used (or if we used \nocite{*}). Exercises. Submit a printed copy of the LATEX source (tex file), the BibTE X data (bib file), and the associated postscript result (ps file). Be sure your name is on each. 1. Produce a document with one paragraph that cites three bibliographic items, one for each of the following types: (a) An article in a journal.

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