A Hole in the Ground Owned by a Liar by Daniel Pyne

By Daniel Pyne

Lee, a highschool store instructor in Evergreen, Colorado, controlled to outlive his messy divorce simply to hurtle into what a few may name a full-on midlife obstacle. trying to find the way to spend his weekends and the now painfully lengthy summer season holiday, Lee buys a gold mine off the internet—a actual, honest-to-God mine, whole with tall stories of riches, a heritage of unhappiness, and 2 Pakistani-by-the-way-of-Jackson-Hole prospectors keen to kill for its contents.
With the usually undesirable aid of a band of locals, Lee turns into a weekend warrior, trying to paintings the mine and hold himself distracted from his different midlife disturbances. There are the Pakistanis, in fact, with his mercurial brother provide, simply published from felony, who's making an attempt in his generally perilous strategy to pull Lee from his midlife funk. there's his ex-wife Lorraine and her slick boyfriend, Stan Beachum, and the beautiful but mysterious Rayna, the 1st girl Lee’s desired to date on the grounds that his divorce.
In Daniel Pyne’s sharp, enjoyable, and raucous sort, A gap within the flooring Owned through a Liar is an element secret and half gold-infused tall story with a solid of refreshingly quirky characters and one hugely unforeseen payout.

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