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Here is wishing everyone just the FABBEST 2011


I am back from a fantastic holiday on the fabulous Island of Madeira. We spent time with great friends and met the most stunning local people and spend many a lovely balmy day… here is to going back sooner, rather than later. *mwah* *mwah* we are so sad to have left… We will soon become locals if you will have us *smiles* HEY, maybe i can sell my jewelry there… hmmmm

New Silver goodies

Festive and Dressy Earrings


I have had SUCH fun making all these earrings… just playing with colours, wire wrapping and dangles…  i hope you like them, they are all in the shop now, with more to come… oh where to find the time 🙂  Let me know if you like them…  LeChameleon is also on FaceBook… hey look us up and ‘like’ us please.  xxx

LeChameleon’s First Party


Yesterday, at work, we had a Jamie Oliver Party.  Wow… have you seen his range of kitchen goodies?  to die for i tell ya!!!  Totally gorgeous and not that expensive, with some GREAT stocking fillers… BUT i didnt think as great as my items could be as stocking fillers, specially the earrings *grin*….  but *phwoar* what a flop… ok, so its the first one i have done, maybe my display wasnt that great, i dunno, next time i will do some black pinboards as back drops…  but one sale and that is it!  I felt totally bloo and let down really, i thought more people would make the effort to pop in and join us… but hey as they say Cest La Vie…

I am photographing about 15 NEW pairs of earrings that i made specially for the party, hopefully by the end of the weekend, i will have them all listed…

Cufflinks… Cufflinks… New Silver Cufflinks!!!!


I did it!!!! i made the cufflinks and soldered the back on BEAUTIFULLY… i was so happy!  Possibly the best solder job i have ever seen even if i have to say so myself.  Neat, pristine and STRONG!

I made 2 pairs on order and a third pair…   🙂  cos i can, and they really turned out brilliantly. MS was beyond stoked and truly put me on a high by totally loving them!

The last pair are in the shop… click on the pic to take you to the shop…

P.S.  fab gift for that wonderfully gorgeous man in your life!!!! 😉

Busy Creative Weekend…


I have had so much trouble with this blog and wordpress i am looking for ideas to change it… anyone?

In the mean time i have been making cufflinks for an order this weekend… gosh and with two nine year old boys taking my house, garden and shed apart it aint bin easy i tell ya!  *laughs*  but i am inspired to get back into the PMC thing, i forgot how much i enjoy it… so Cooksons, here i come… order in place for tomorrow again….

here are a pair i made a couple of months ago…

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To all my blog readers and anyone who passes by…


i am sorry for the inconvenience that some idiot’hacker’ posed by corrupting my database and doing whatever they did to screw things up here…. without my darling sister Janine

it would not have got sorted… i was close to just deleting the whole thing *sigh* so… THANK YOU JIN!

and…  ho ho ho… no one would take responisibility, not WP and not my Host… just charming!  We live in SUCH a bloody ‘blame culture’ it sadens me…

Anyhow…  i have ordered some silver (PMC) and i have an order for two pairs of cufflinks… i am looking forward to that and will put some pics up here when they are done…

*mwah* to my little Chameli’s

LeChameleon on FaceBook


Have checked out my FaceBook page yet?

New Additions…. hope you like!


With winter on the way and a really cold ‘nip’ in the air, it was a perfect day on Saturday to sit and create…  i am not buying anymore stock of beads and things until i start selling some goodies, so its given me a little nudge to start using up stuff and making lots of goodies for ThanksGiving and Christmas…  so here are 4 new items in the shop…

I have also offered a cheaper shipping option on goodies if peeps are not that worried about delivery in their country or region… so take a look at that too.

Happy shopping 🙂

Autumn is well on its way…


the leaves are falling… the colours are changing and the greens are fading… i love summer in this country, the greens are so vibrant and the shades are infinite!

I have a few autumnal shades arriving soon… but i am just not sure which way to go with this thing… i LOVE making the silver… but i am feeling a bit wary of it now because its not selling… the earrings and pendants i just LOVE creating, i can sit for hours dabbling with the beads, shopping for them and planning bits… i am wondering if i shouldnt plan a party for Christmas… just for my girlfriends… haa ha ha ha, all THREE of them that live nearby! the rest, well they live back in Cape Town… should i send an invite… “hey girls, wanna come over for a cheese and wine, do a bit of shopping… freeze yer butt off…  Oh, ermm,  i forgot to mention, its here in CField”…   🙁

Ok, thats me being blooo…  so i am going to cheer up this week and just make and make and make things and hopefully someone will discover me, discover that the ‘me’ in my jewelry suit the ‘them’ and buy buy buy *laughs*  then i can whip myself off to Madeira and live happily in the sun…

THAT is what i am going to do… watch this S P A C E… next week its going to be FULL up!

My shop, if you dont already know is on ETSY click HERE

Summer Splash in the Autumn Air


Autumn is in the air… i cant quite get used to that idea…  so before i launch into all those gorgeous reds, brown, oranges and burgundys, i thought i would do a few more summery pieces for you guys down South and over the pond…

I am back now… been a bit unwell for a while and had no inclination to dabble.  Been really tired and all my spare time, the time i use to make my creations i have just spent sleeping…  I am feeling a whole lot better now… so lets see what i come up with now.

hope you like my Summer Splash Earrings….