Oh gosh, here goes…

Hi, my name is CJ and i am originally from Cape Town, South Africa.  I have been creatively frustrated for a few years now…  I totally love my job as a packaging designer, but i work within constant industry restraints, client briefs and time pressures…. Having moved into middle England, away from what inspires me… ‘cosmopolitaness’ if you could call it that… away from a big city, the beach, ever changing trends, wonderful family and friends etc… i really yearned to just ‘do something’, something creative and to be with ‘like’ minded creative people every now and then.  Not that there is none of that anywhere up here, quite the contrary actually… but without a ‘history’ if you like, without anyone but my lovely husband and gorgeous boy child… i found it REALLY hard!

Anyhow, I enrolled at college to do Silver Smithing mostly because i couldn’t find silver goodies i really liked to wear… So what started out as something to do for ME, really turned into something amazing… i found my creativity again, i was so inspired, i felt alive again and so, here i am… i keep making stuff… friends, strangers and colleagues keep commenting on the jewelry i wear and i with the encouragement of these special people, Le Chameleon was ‘born’.

Le Chameleon, because i am continually morphing ideas, growing creatively and finding confidence i never thought i had, i am always on the lookout for new ideas, love traveling, adore blue skies and sunshine and am inspired by colour and change…

So, thank you… to all of you, you know who you are… you encouraged me to (to coin a phrase) JUST DO IT… i love you dearly and i hope you keep up with me,  love what i do and continue to please 😉 … just tell it like it is…

come shopping… visit my LE CHAMELEON STORE!!!

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