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Silver… becoming a RARE precious metal!


Gosh silver has gotten expensive… i reckon its tripled in the space of a year *sigh*

I have noticed that a lot of people have upped their prices now because of the hike… but i am going to be fair šŸ™‚ i will keep my prices where they are and only new goodies made with newly bought silver will show the increase… so go get yerself a bargain i tell ya…. Silver is RARE, there is far less of it mined than gold and there is a real decline in what is being made available hence the price increase… s a dĀ  it is because its my FAVE metal!

Anyhow, i was pottering around this week and just doodling really and came up with these three little necklaces… hope you like them!

šŸ™‚Ā  happy days


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