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Cufflinks… Cufflinks… New Silver Cufflinks!!!!

New Silver goodies
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I did it!!!! i made the cufflinks and soldered the back on BEAUTIFULLY… i was so happy!  Possibly the best solder job i have ever seen even if i have to say so myself.  Neat, pristine and STRONG!

I made 2 pairs on order and a third pair…   🙂  cos i can, and they really turned out brilliantly. MS was beyond stoked and truly put me on a high by totally loving them!

The last pair are in the shop… click on the pic to take you to the shop…

P.S.  fab gift for that wonderfully gorgeous man in your life!!!! 😉

Busy Creative Weekend…


I have had so much trouble with this blog and wordpress i am looking for ideas to change it… anyone?

In the mean time i have been making cufflinks for an order this weekend… gosh and with two nine year old boys taking my house, garden and shed apart it aint bin easy i tell ya!  *laughs*  but i am inspired to get back into the PMC thing, i forgot how much i enjoy it… so Cooksons, here i come… order in place for tomorrow again….

here are a pair i made a couple of months ago…

Comments Off on To all my blog readers and anyone who passes by…

To all my blog readers and anyone who passes by…


i am sorry for the inconvenience that some idiot’hacker’ posed by corrupting my database and doing whatever they did to screw things up here…. without my darling sister Janine it would not have got sorted… i was close to just deleting the whole thing *sigh* so… THANK YOU JIN!

and…  ho ho ho… no one would take responisibility, not WP and not my Host… just charming!  We live in SUCH a bloody ‘blame culture’ it sadens me…

Anyhow…  i have ordered some silver (PMC) and i have an order for two pairs of cufflinks… i am looking forward to that and will put some pics up here when they are done…

*mwah* to my little Chameli’s