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New Additions…. hope you like!


With winter on the way and a really cold ‘nip’ in the air, it was a perfect day on Saturday to sit and create…  i am not buying anymore stock of beads and things until i start selling some goodies, so its given me a little nudge to start using up stuff and making lots of goodies for ThanksGiving and Christmas…  so here are 4 new items in the shop…

I have also offered a cheaper shipping option on goodies if peeps are not that worried about delivery in their country or region… so take a look at that too.

Happy shopping 🙂

Autumn is well on its way…


the leaves are falling… the colours are changing and the greens are fading… i love summer in this country, the greens are so vibrant and the shades are infinite!

I have a few autumnal shades arriving soon… but i am just not sure which way to go with this thing… i LOVE making the silver… but i am feeling a bit wary of it now because its not selling… the earrings and pendants i just LOVE creating, i can sit for hours dabbling with the beads, shopping for them and planning bits… i am wondering if i shouldnt plan a party for Christmas… just for my girlfriends… haa ha ha ha, all THREE of them that live nearby! the rest, well they live back in Cape Town… should i send an invite… “hey girls, wanna come over for a cheese and wine, do a bit of shopping… freeze yer butt off…  Oh, ermm,  i forgot to mention, its here in CField”…   🙁

Ok, thats me being blooo…  so i am going to cheer up this week and just make and make and make things and hopefully someone will discover me, discover that the ‘me’ in my jewelry suit the ‘them’ and buy buy buy *laughs*  then i can whip myself off to Madeira and live happily in the sun…

THAT is what i am going to do… watch this S P A C E… next week its going to be FULL up!

My shop, if you dont already know is on ETSY click HERE

Summer Splash in the Autumn Air


Autumn is in the air… i cant quite get used to that idea…  so before i launch into all those gorgeous reds, brown, oranges and burgundys, i thought i would do a few more summery pieces for you guys down South and over the pond…

I am back now… been a bit unwell for a while and had no inclination to dabble.  Been really tired and all my spare time, the time i use to make my creations i have just spent sleeping…  I am feeling a whole lot better now… so lets see what i come up with now.

hope you like my Summer Splash Earrings….