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New Silver goodies
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I have discounted some items in the shop…  I have so much more i want to list and i want what is on there to shift… so i brought almost everything down…  earrings from $20 to $15 – pendants from $75 to $50 etc… so go and have a look at SHOP and let me know what you think…

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waiting for silver to arrive…


So, while waiting for my silver order to come through, i have been diversifying… oh, is that spelling correct? *laughs* i am CREATIVE… i cant spell and i cant count!  i  CREATE!!!! *winks*  anyhow… so back to the silver… it arrived today, but, in the mean time i have been playing about… i listed 4 goodies today, take a look… PLEASE leave comments… gee, are you all afraid, or does my comment thingy not work?

If you click on the pic below it will take you to my ‘shop’… have fun… spend LOTS!!!  🙂  luv ya xxx

Sale no.8!!! wooo hooo


so… its been a month with my Etsy shop up and running… and EIGHT SALES!!!!! how seriously kewl is that!!!!  Silver has gone up again…  grrrr… it was £20 cheaper per 100g this time last year… i should have stock piled… ahh if only we knew these things hey!

But i am aching for my next batch of silver to arrive… got some materials for bracelets coming too…

Added two new items today, just little necklaces, simple surfer chic style… go check out my shop…

End of ‘school’ year gifts for teachers…

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Well… i usually struggle with this each year… but this year my son has had the best school year of his little life and so i thought it was  only right that we thank his two lovely teachers in a special way.  I cast some little flowers for them and trying to remember what colours suit them, i came up with these little neckletts…  C cant WAIT to give them to his teachers *bless* as he helped me choose the crystals for each.

Then… i ordered two beautiful crystal briolettes from and American seller…  the pics were dodgy, but her feedback and rating were really good so i bought them to make some special  gorgeous earrings…  they arrived… all scuffed, scratched and shabby… hmmm… not sure they are meant to look like that, anyhow so i have asked the question.  The things is… this seller included the MOST gorgeous pair of Jasper briolettes as a gift… how kewl is that… but i still wanted these crystal briolettes to be gorgeous as i am sure they should be…  hmmm dilema dilema… we will see… DYING to make something with the Jaspers, gosh they are beautiful… so soft and gentle!

Weddings, Bridal, family celebrations? Dainty, sweet and memorable!


This weekend, some stick pearls i ordered arrived… about a third of the size i expected and that REALLY threw me cos i had other ideas for them…  Then a lot of real silver findings arrived after that and they were just SO BEAUTIFUL i sat down right away and started on this piece.

Pearls are just so gorgeous, specially these stick pearls, no two are alike and they just epitomise the nature of the ocean, the sea, shells and beach life.

I could imagine these two pieces worn with an unstructured dress, beautiful peonies in the hair… soft lavenders and pinks…   🙂

Anyhow, as i ordered three of the seed pearls, i had two left for earrings, i kept them simple and dainty yet in ‘tune’ with the charm necklace that is on a fine silver chain.

I love them, i hope someone out there will love them too 🙂

Silver Shell Moulds


Been playing with moulding shells and things… they are looking fab and i am REALLY stoked with them.  I need to polish up the Cowries cos they need to be real smooth, but i do like the naturalness of it all… much nicer than highly polished items!  What do you think?  I just want to make, make, make!!! and i caaaaaaaaaaant, need to sell some bits so that i can fund more materials…  Please spread the word and leave some comments, i sure could use come constructive criticism!  *mwah* xxx

Three new bits added today…


There ya go… three new bits… i am going to take a break now and watch/moderate how things go, analyse traffic etc and see if this is all worth it.  Loads of peeps say “oh wow, def going to buy!!!!” but nothing… so its feeling a little like i may be barking up the wrong tree here.  I NEED to get the personalised thing going a lot more, but also, interested buyers are not reading my captions or they would see that most of the bits can be personalised very easily… and or to click on the personalised item and email me… simple… so we will see.

ANY feedback you have for me is so welcome and appreciated… so feeeeeeeedBACK to me please… i need constructive critisism, PLEASE!  🙂  xxx