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busy? busy… busy!!!


Came home from work last night all inspired and made some silver cowries that i will fire tomorrow night… and then made and listed another two pieces…  These are them… one with a silver tag ADORE and the other, something for gifting to your Mum…  I dont normally work in reds, red is not my colour, but this just called for red and i think it works quite well.  Nicola loves it and she has good taste, so i am taking her word for it!

I made a sale today, i am so stoked… i wish i could be there when someone gifts ones of my items…  It was bought for Dawns niece who is t urning 18…  i hope she loves it… it was one of the first pieces i made… i love it and considered keeping it for myself… ha ha, along with the other 8 bits i have kept!

Really getting into this ‘moulding’ thing…


I bought some of this moulding compound to have a bit of fun with… it is just amazing… i have been moulding all kinds of shells and things and it is just fantastic! I think you tend to loose a bit of the detail, but i have bought in a slightly more expensive one now, so it could possibly be better, i will let you know.  But i cast a Sea Urchin, a little one and was almost able to get the whole thing.  I also did a perlemoen shell (abalone or paua), a mini one… but it is a bit small, i have a large one which i will mould this weekend if the delivery arrives… you know the illusive posty *lol*!!!  I find that i am using quite a bit of silver to mould these babies and have had to weigh them enable pricing. So, the cost is based on the weight of the silver really… with these i am including divine ball chains… i love them, but if people want a cotton thong i will include that for nothing…

here is a pic of what the listing looks like… click on the pic to take you shopping!  have fun xxx

FIRST SALE!!!!! i made my FIRST sale today!!!!!


Sea FoamFIRST sale today…  and as it was my first enquiry, i discounted it and so happy to do so… it went to Nicki, my friend who absolutely loves it…. so that makes me feel sooooooo GOOD!!! yippeee…. first sale!!!! i could dance on my desk!!!!!


Week 2 – no action… stay focused, remain positive and keep having fun!


hmmm been feverishly looking at my sales page… *sigh* no sales.  Little feedback here, thanks to those who had fedback, its FABULOUS i wish everyone else would too, it makes doing this more pleasurable!

Feeling a wee bit deflated about all of this…  My husband and sister are trying to convince me to sell on Ebay… so not sure that is the right thing to do… will def start a Twitter Page when i am done here and hopefully get some referrals from there.

Did some ‘personalised’ stuff this weekend, will add that as soon as i get the ball chains i ordered. but here is a little peek…

So the idea is that you fancy one for yourself of a friend, lover, colleague, sister, mother or daughter etc… Let me know what you want, i will come up with ideas for charms and beads etc… and then we discuss and price it up… voila, a personalised solution to all your gifting dilemmas!!!

🙂  i would need a week from order to dispatch, so please dont leave it too late…  🙂

LeChameleon Cards Arrived today…


Now that is service… i ordered my cards day before yesterday and they arrived today! I am beyond stoked!  I like them, i left them blank on the back for personalised messages, so, looking forward to my first sale!  🙂

Two new Dangles added today…


oh gosh, nearly a week now and not one interest email, let alone a sale!!!  I am obsessed, you know how i am in winter, 5x RSS weather updates going at a time… well, this is proving to be another of those… yah, obsessions *laughs*

On Friday someone added me to their showcase and apparently thats a ‘biggie’ on Etsy, so yah i had massive expectations after that…  but *sigh* lots of looks… do you think i am overpricing? hmmm… best i hit the marketing pages and see how to market myself….  shhhh dont tell anyone i only work for a Marketing Director!!!

Anyhow, yes, two dangles added today… more PMC ordered today… cufflinks waiting for ends soldering, i have yet to pluck up the courage to try that again… and another shipment of sea glass arrived today… J is going to try and drill that for me on the weekend…

Will add some piccies later…

but again… a link to SHOP 🙂

new items added to shop today…


gosh, forgot my ‘critter’ at work, so had to upload items sans zee critter!

Having such a blast doing this… learning so much… so many new things, my head is buzzing!!!! life is good!

ETSY SHOP goes LIVE!!!!!


Sea Foam


Little hand cast PMC charms with crystals, glass and thai silver bits….

Sea Foam

Viewing my blog


oh nooooo…. i get to work and my blog has taken on the form of a txt page… no colour, no layout… nada… please let me know if it looks that way on your screen too… we will have to talk to the DESIGNER 🙂 Jiiiiiin…