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Paying it forward etc…


As I have an Instagram account too… it seems most of my posts tend to go there. As its easier to upload stuff on the go, I seem to not be blogging as much.

I have been making little things here and there but what i have REALLY been enjoying is to just be making little bracelets of necklaces and gifting them to family and friends.  I get so much job out of that.

I doodle with beads, leather and charm.  The materials don’t cost much, the time making them cost more, but I figure time is love and hence the gifting thing.

I look to instagram, to a lot of people for motivation and inspiration with my running, something that doesn’t come naturally to me… and these people often inspire me to make them a piece of jewellery.  This month, two lovely ladies got bracelets from me.  I expect nothing in return… that is not my motivation.

This is what my IG account looks like…


I reckon that if we all just ‘pay it forward’ life around us would begin to beam with happiness.




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Bracelets for Yogi’s


Made some bracelets today for my yogi friends… Last Yoga Course day tomorrow… #sad



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Other stuff

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Sumer is on the way and i am inspired again…


I sat out in the garden yesterday under the gazebo just creating away, listening to the birds and often soft drizzle, but it was warm and relaxing…  I have listed a whole lot of new items in the shop here is a link so please go and have a look…

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I have also applied a DISCOUNT code for all UK buyers…  NO POSTAGE till the end of July if you spend over £10!!!


Next month there will be further discounts! keep  watching!

Love & Light

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Hooked on Friendship Bracelets


I am still making friendship bracelets and have been super inspried by what i saw at Swimwear and Lingerie Fashion Week in Paris at the beginning of July…

Wow, what an amazing adventrue that was…  beautiful fashion, beautiful people, so much colour and inspiration, i left feeling totally addicted to the industry and feeling like its really where i am meant to be.  I did have the ‘blues’ when i got back, i guess it is on natural… but luckilly i have my creativity and that is what i did.  I made loads of things which have gone like hot cakes before they have even made it to my Etsy shop.

I made these too, which i LOVE!!!


And i have discounted a lot of items in the shop as well as UK postge.  Please check it out 🙂


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ho ho ho its 2015!!!!


OH MY!!! how time has flown… i have been a busy little bee and it seems my life is passing me by… time i got back on the bus!

I have been playing with FRIENDSHIP bracelets and these are the latest 3 have made!


Thing is… the lovely Shaz bought all of them in one go 🙂  So, guess who will be making more this weekend.  Everyone who has seen them LOVE them and that makes me beyond happy!!!!

Happy weekend my lovelies and go and check out my shop next week for new running inspired bracelets!


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New Bracelets – Yoga inspired


So, i am back to yoga classes… took a years break due to ill health and took the time to get healthy, not only in body, but in mind too.  I AM BACK 🙂

I truly THRIVE on my yoga practice, i am a nicer, more patient and totally creative being when i am back on track… so much so that i have made some ‘commemorative’ bracelets to not only inspire you… but to reinforce my love of life, and all things simple… namaste!

Please take a look and folow me on Instagram… CeeJayKay

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Christmas 2013


A few of the Friendship Bracelets have now been added… and… i have made GIFT TINS for them… there are four to choose from when you purchase your bracelet… for a minimal fee i will personalise your tin, i havent advertised that but if you read this blog and want to personalise, just drop me a note and depending on timings etc i will let you know if i am able to do that for you.  BUT, they are fun, everyone seems to love the added feature of a little charm claming that it makes that little bit more special 🙂

go and take a look at


 This is an examle of what your bracelet could look like


and below are the four tin designs you can choose from

4 cards

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Frienship Bracelets



So i have been playing…  LOVING making these bracelets and have so many to photograph and upload to Etsy its not funny… guess who has a busy weekend ahead…  but with christmas coming up they make GREAT stocking fillers and i have FABULOUS little tins that i can personalise too…  fun fun and so exciting!!!

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Silver… becoming a RARE precious metal!


Gosh silver has gotten expensive… i reckon its tripled in the space of a year *sigh*

I have noticed that a lot of people have upped their prices now because of the hike… but i am going to be fair 🙂 i will keep my prices where they are and only new goodies made with newly bought silver will show the increase… so go get yerself a bargain i tell ya…. Silver is RARE, there is far less of it mined than gold and there is a real decline in what is being made available hence the price increase… s a d  it is because its my FAVE metal!

Anyhow, i was pottering around this week and just doodling really and came up with these three little necklaces… hope you like them!

🙂  happy days


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New Year, New Trends, New Attitudes, NEW IDEAS!!!!


I have so many ideas and so little time to bring them to fruition…  but i have ordered some silver again, so hopefully i will find the inspiration this weekend to get down to some Silver Clay creations.

I miss doing them, i miss the buzz i feel when i have created something and miss all of your comments on them 🙂

So wishing you all, the very best for 2011 and here is to it being  LeChameleon’s YEAR!!!!  The year of the Chameleon!  🙂